Compact Substation

CSS consist of all the necessary equipment such as VCB, DRY TYPE TRANSFORMER, LBS, RMU, PROTECTIVE RELAYS, etc. Thus CSS is all in one compact substation which has all the necessary devices. This CSS is easily transferable and can be taken into work within a limited period of time.

All you have to do is to give H.V side and L.V side connections and your CSS is ready for use which is safe and reliable. This transformer can be installed in various industries such as Casting industries, Textile industries, Residential areas, Solar farms, Wind farms, etc. We manufacture a wide range of Compact Substation. The standard range is 250 KVA to 5000 KVA. 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22 & 33 KV voltages class.

  • Dry type or vacuum impregnated transformer.

Features Of Compact Substation

  • Designed for indoor installation close to their point of use at the center of the major load consumers.
  • These transformers are combined with their primary and secondary switchgear and distribution boards into compact substations that are installed directly at their point of use.
  • This reduces construction requirements, cable costs, transmission losses and installation costs.
  • Transformer is fitted with three temperature sensors installed in the LV winding, and a solid-state tripping device with relay output.
  • It can be mounted on a roof top (for dry type transformer) where you want the power supply.

Technical Details

Type Indoor/ Outdoor Pad Mounted
Duty On Load / Off Load
Voltage Class 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22, 33 Kv or special class by customer
Vector Group Dyn11, Dyn5, Dyn1 or other specified by customer
No. of phase 3 phases
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Tap Range ±10% in on load and ±7.5% in off load or other specified by customer.
Winding Material Copper with multiple paper covering
Applicable Standards IS-2026, IEC 60076
Painting Epoxy, Polyurethane or specified by customer
Transformer Dry type or vacuum impregnated transformer.
Tapping ±5% in 2.5% gap in 5 steps.
H.V Side protection VCB with alarm and trip protections.
L.V Side protection LBS for making and breaking contact from L.V side.
Sensors EMCO make 8 channels RTD with Fan, Alarm,
Trip and Fault acknowledgement.


  • Designed to give maintenance free long lasting operation for minimum 30 years.
  • Dry type epoxy cast or vacuum impregnated or transformer.
  • VCB or SF6 C.B whichever is suitable for protection from H.V side with all necessary protecting relays, CT’S, PT’S etc.
  • LBS switch for making or breaking contact from L.V side.
  • M.S cabinet for protection of all the internal devices from environmental strokes.
  • Epoxy or polyurethane dual coat with zinc rich primer on the cabinet for protection against rust for minimum 5 years.